•  Obligation to read. New members should read the rules for the behavior to follow during the races. Failure to comply with the rules will result in expulsion without prior notice.


  • It is your responsibility to inform in advance, if you cannot participate in some events. In addition, we are flexible and we understand every personal and family situation. Being absent does not count as a penalty. Therefore, we want to minimize desertion and encourage voluntary participation.


  • Remember, 2 consecutive absents without notifying the administration will get you just removed from a Championship.


  • Respect the other participants in the league. Insults or derogatory terms will not be tolerated in comments within the page or during events. You have 2 strikes, each one will deduct 10 championship points. The 3rd strike is a race ban or worse.

  • RED FLAG - If there is a red flag situation at the race start. The race will not be restarted. If you lose positions at the race start, do not try desperately to out brake yourself to recover positions going into turn 1, you could lock up your front brakes and cause a race incident. Stay clean... Incurred penalties on lap 1 are counted as double.

  • No arriving to the finish line does not count towards the collection of points. All racers must complete the entire race giving the best of their efforts. However, a racer with a disconnection will get points as he/she were to finish in P21+.

  • In case of a - TOTAL DISCONNECTION - during a race. There will be the following options:

  1. ) If a Total Disconnection occurs on lap 5 or less, the race will be restarted with 10 minutes of Qualifying.

  2. ) If there is a disconnection of more than 50% of the race participants or technical difficulties, and 5 or less laps were completed. The race will be restarted with 10 min. of Qualifying

  •   PIT STOPS  - There are no obligatory pit stops. You can start with any preferred fuel load. It is recommended to develop a suitable race strategy to compete in all events and a repair stop strategy. Make sure to activate the pit stop; a "Check mark" must appear to be activated. Some events may required pit stops.

  •  BLUE FLAG  - When you are being lapped, it is your responsibility to let the leaders through safely at the earliest opportunity, without blocking them. You have to let them through within 3 turns after getting the 1st blue flag in order to avoid getting a penalty. Also, you can see if the driver behind you is a lap higher than you by looking at the mini-map; the car will be highlighted by a red dot, instead of  a white dot.

  • As a means of helping with blue flags, we advise the leaders to flash their lights at the car due to be lapped.

  • If you are going faster than a car that has lapped you, safely unlap yourself as long as this action doesn't obstruct the car in front.

  • YELLOW FLAG - If you spin off while the pack is close, do not rejoin the track immediately. Staying still until the other cars have avoided you. It is easier to avoid a stationary obstacle.

  • If you go off the track, rejoin in a manner that is both safe and in no way a danger to other competitors.

  • During the race, you should not use the 'Reset to Track' button. Except, when your car rolls over for whatever reason, that is an acceptable reason to use it.

  •   CHANGING CONDITIONS FLAG  - Driving during changing conditions, such as night time, rain, fog or, any other adverse condition. It is mandatory to all drivers to have their headlights on in order to make your car more visible to others, and to make the track more visible for you. Please also make sure you have a button assigned to turn the headlights and screen wipers on too.

  • OVERTAKING CRITERIA: The attacking racer must place his/her front tire at the level of his/her opponent's rear tire, as long as there is enough racing line for both racers to battle for position. So that, the attacking racer has the right to claim racing line.

  • The defending racer must leave a space, if an opponent is already by the side. Therefore, the defending racer must hold his line. Any sudden change of direction will be consider a defending move.

  • The attacking racer is responsible for any body contact during an attempt to satisfy the right to claim racing line, unless it was caused by a defending racer's blocking move.

  • Moving more than 1 time to defend your position before the braking zone is considered blocking.

  • Moving in reaction to your opponent's attacking move, it is considered blocking, so make your defending move evident and clear before your opponent's move. This is why we recommend you to use CrewChief.

  • All race incidents reports and appeals must be submitted HERE. You have 48 hours after the race. 1) a report must have a video, which  was recorded live on board. Or, 2) you can use part of the replay of the game as long as it is not bugged. All racers involved must respond. Therefore, if she/he remains silent and does not respond. It will be understood as she/he is responsible and will be penalized. In case of a disputed race incident, it will be open to all members to contribute and help clarify it. Verbal reports are not accepted and neither verbal appeals. 






1) Absolute radio silence must be kept during qualifying and race sessions.

2) Talk only when needed, to help avoid accidents.

3) Explanations, questions, and excuses due to a racing incident. They can be done after the race.

4) Be polite as you are crossing the finish line. Others behind you are still racing and they deserve the radio silence respect. It is understood that it is difficult to control emotions.

5) Insults of any kind, before, during and after the race are FORBIDDEN. If you need to do this, do it in private, any disrespect in public will not be tolerated.

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