• Be aware that a Championship has different levels of competition, they are set according to each individual racer's skills. We all race together. In the event, that there is a significant participation of certain level; all racers will have to race in a separated lobby. The leader of his group or a volunteer can be the host. The winner or volunteer will have to submit the race results and Qualifying session to the admin, who is responsible for managing the Championship Standings.

  • Each Championship has its racing category set by all registered members' vote, the survey is available on the Facebook Group Page. The time set for the races will be based on the collaborator/host's availability. It is important to have a co-host in case that the main host is not available.

  • All members can participate in any Championship that it is hosted on other regions. However, you must have a ping less than 400. There can be multiple Championship setup at a different time and on different regions, but it will depend on the volunteer, who wishes  to be the main host, he/she must be responsible and have a co-host.

  • The prospect organizer must have knowledge of MS Excel, WIX Webmaster editor, Steam Group tools, Discord tools, Adobe Photoshop, and must have a Facebook account.

  • If you are interested of being the host of a Championship for your region. contact us on Discord

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